Website Design in Toledo

Yes, website builders give you all the tools to build the site of your dreams and then some!… but Microsoft Word gives you all the tools to write the next great American novel, and when’s the last time you did that? You could spend 10 hours building your site. And then another 10 hours tweaking it. And then you may learn that your site is not working the way you wanted it to, or not portraying you as you’d like. You could have used that time elsewhere. Need to sell things in a shop? Need to collect email addresses? Look classy & elegantConvince people to trust you with their data? That’s where We come in!

Hiring Zbierajewski Group Vs Wix or Squarespace

There’s someone out there that knows how to make the tools do exactly what you need them to do, and that person is us. A well-seasoned, experienced designer knows how to get to business goals through design elements including but not limited to: proximity, color, shape, and balance.

To summarize…

Use a website builder when you need to get a website up and running quick and cheap.

Hire a designer when you need to see a return on your website.

Like I said earlier in our intro, We eat sleep and breath web design. When you are with Zbierajewski Technology Group, technology works for you.

Our Portfolio

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Why choose us?

The greater Toledo area has many web design companies to choose from and they can promise you results, among many things. But they are lying. At Zbierajewski Group we can only promise you one thing: Our commitment, fighting effort and round the clock service.