Hosted Software Solutions

Does your business need web or cloud based software solutions? Invoicing software, Cataloging software? Customer Relations Management? Look no further! The software that runs your business can be cloud based and accessed from any device anywhere.

Benefits of Hosted Software Solutions

  • Monthly charge for hosting rather than purchasing quickly depreciating hardware upfront.
  • Business infrastructure and networking costs are reduced.
  • Internal IT resources are no longer required to maintain hardware. That’s our job!
  • Improved uptime and reliability.
  • The hosted solution can be accessed using any device (e.g., PCs, Macs, Chromebooks)
  • No longer worry about daily data backups, utilities and software updates.
  • Scaling your hosted solution is simply an email or phone call away. As your business grows, so does your hosted solution.
  • This poses a lower risk of local system corruption because they are in a redundant power, storage and network environment.

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