Our Portfolio

Below is our private portfolio. Click on the images to visit the customers’ website and see the design. These are just previews of our dedication, however we have made over three hundred websites spanning nearly 20 years.

Long time customer, Lifetime Learning, LLC delivers the technical education and training students need to earn an Ohio Stationary Engineer Boiler Operator license and qualify for a respected and highly paid career in the Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio areas.

Long time repeat customer, Dr. Tartaglia is a Board Certified, Sleep Medicine Specialist, at the Toledo Clinic, Author, and Inspirational speaker, Speaking on issues of Character Transformation. Dr. T is committed to helping others achieve their full potential.

Timber Creek Electric, LLC is a local commercial & residential electrical installation & repair service. They have been a very good customer of ours for several years and we have provided excellent service on multiple levels beyond web design.

We have made multiple similar-looking websites for Lifetime Learning, LLC. They are a repeat customer.

Reliance Roofing, LLC is a fairly new customer as of this year. They have been in business for over 30 years.

Scott France is a local bankruptcy attorney & traffic lawyer as well as a long-time customer. We have made several websites for Scott & his associates.

Born to the artist’s way, & long time customer and close friend, Steve Conine has built his life the way he builds his powerful, color-drenched paintings – one meticulous brushstroke at a time. Whether through dramatic portraits, scenes from life here and abroad, or soul-baring inner visions, he feels compelled to communicate with others.